Devlog #11 – The December Update


Hello everyone!

It’s been two weeks since Dawn of Andromeda has been released into Steam Early access, and it’s about time we wrote a new Devlog.
This time around, instead of talking about specific features and game mechanics like we used to, we’re going to talk about what’s coming in the upcoming December content update.

The amount of feedback we received has been tremendous and most of the complaints we received revolved around the user interface so this is our main priority. Continue reading

Devlog #10 – Planetary management

doa211Hello everyone!

Two weeks ago we talked about the various types of factions you can come across in Dawn of Andromeda. To commemorate our 10th Devlog, today we’re going to do not just talk about a specific area of the game as usual, but also make a small announcement.

One of the most important aspects in any 4X games is how you build and develop your colonies.

In Dawn of Andromeda we have streamlined this to make sure you still have all those important and interesting decisions to make when it comes to what the main purpose of your colony will be and how you want it to develop while at the same time not force the player to constantly micromanage each one, which can easily become a chore, especially my mid to late game when you have several colonies. Continue reading

Devlog #9 – Rebels, Minor, Custom, and Randomly generated races

dysHello everyone!

Two weeks ago the subject of our devlog was Research and Projects, today we are shortly going over the different kind of races you can play with, encounter and even create in Dawn of Andromeda.

There are 8 main races in DOA, each one with different traits, personalities, playing styles and even their own technologies. However you can also create your own and customize them however you want.

Among other things, you can customize their appearance, their traits, as well as their ship style and their flags and conquer the galaxy with them, or play against them.
To make things even more interesting you can also start with randomly generated races, when you start a new game to maximize the element of surprise when exploring Andromeda.

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Devlog #8 – Research and Projects

crHello everyone!

Last week we spoke about the Emperor Log, Empire Policies and Government systems, and today we’re going over something related to the first. Today we’re quickly going over Research and Projects, what they are, and how it all works.

So your empire can move forward and gain an edge over the other factions making Andromeda their home, it’s necessary to research new technologies, and specially choose these wisely.

As you improve your research infrastructure, find specific artifacts or exploit certain anomalies to name a few examples, your research production will increase. The more research production the faster you can research new technologies.

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Devlog #7 – Empire Management & Emperor Log part 2

Dawn of Andromeda 2016-09-23 21-49-44-507Hello everyone !

First of all, sorry for the week long delay. Three weeks ago we introduced some concepts on Empire Management, namely your council, Prosperity and Approval. This time around we are quickly going over your Emperor Log, Empire Policies and Government systems.

When you start a new game, you already have a set of policies that have certain effects on your empire. For example, legalizing slavery will make infrastructure in your colonies to be built 10% faster, but approval will decrease 7%. Because policies are either conservative or liberal, and this one is a conservative policy, your government system will swing to the right. More policies can be researched, each with different effects. Continue reading

Devlog #6 – Empire Management & Council part 1


After talking about Diplomacy last week, this week we are going over Empire Management and how your Council plays into it. Because the former is a bigger topic than usual, we’re going to divide this in two parts, with the next one coming up in two weeks.

In Dawn of Andromeda one of your most important stats is Prosperity. A prosperous empire will generate more tax money, will be less corrupt and will have a more moralized military force and industry workforce. There are various ways to gain or lose Prosperity over time, or even instantly.
A bank going bust will immediately decrease your Prosperity, while being at war will gradually decrease it. On the other hand, having a happy population will improve it. Continue reading

Devlog #5 – Gamescom and Diplomacy

Dawn of Andromeda 2016-08-23 16-56-25-926

Hello everyone !

We have just come back from Gamescom in Cologne where we had the pleasure to talk with the press, as well as drink a few beers with the lovely folks of the Iceberg crew as well as Sven, developer of Stars in Shadows and Anton of Empathy fame. Feedback was great and it was a truly delightful experience, but as we all know all good things come to an end and now we’re back at the shop adding more layers of polish to Dawn of Andromeda so that you guys can put your hands on it soon.

Today we are going to talk about Diplomacy, one of the cornerstones of 4X games and one of the most important aspects of Dawn of Andromeda.

As most of you aware, the game is an exclusively single player experience, which allowed us to create a deeper diplomacy system we couldn’t otherwise design because of the limitations imposed by having real players interact with each other.

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Devlog #4 – Combat and Ship Design

Dawn of Andromeda 2016-07-27 12-49-46-730First of all, sorry for the delay everyone ! It’s been 3 weeks since our last devlog, but we’ve got some interesting things to talk about today.

One of Dawn of Andromeda’s most important aspects is combat, and so we put a lot of work on making it deep, fun and accessible for everyone.

Combat in DOA is real time and non instanced, meaning you don’t go to a separate screen or vision when combat starts and it all occurs while the rest of the game is ongoing, similar to other RTS games like Age of Empires, Sins of a Solar Empire or Command & Conquer.

As in many other 4X games, you have the option to design your own ships, by equipping them with weapons, defence modules (such as shield generators or hull platting), engines and special modules.

There are three weapon types: Beams, Blasters and Missiles.

Beams are generally heavier, making ships slower but have a high damage output, Blasters tend to be lighter and have a more general use while Missiles have a larger range but lower damage.

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Devlog #3 – Exploration, artifacts and characters

imgTwo weeks ago we talked about Eras, Asymmetric gameplay and victory conditions, this time we are going to speak about exploration, artifacts and briefly go through some of the characters you can find in the game.

Andromeda is filled with interesting things to explore and new characters to meet. Players can send their scout ships to discover new systems and new races, but when it comes to unveiling what secrets lie in some ruins in a planet, in a wrecked ship or an anomaly, that’s when survey ships are called into action.

Artifacts can be found and further researched and among other things can yield new technologies, new ship parts to your ships or simply be worth reselling for money.

Merchants scattered around the galaxy can sell you some artifacts for a sizable amount, however they are not only individual characters roaming Andromeda.

Mercenaries have very powerful ships and will join whoever pays best and outlaws are criminals who managed flee their original empire. Approval takes a penalty during the time an outlaw is out there so it is in their best interest to destroy them or have someone else destroy them so they usually put a bounty on their heads.

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Devlog #2 – Eras, Asymmetry and Victory Conditions

Dawn of Andromeda 2016-04-26 11-37-04-652Two weeks ago we introduced the game, how it came to exist and unveiled a little bit more about the vision for the project.

Today we’re going to talk about more specific features, starting with Eras.

Eras in Dawn of Andromeda work like Scenarios in other strategy games, notably RTS games but applied to a 4X game and with some notable differences.

The map of the galaxy is unique for each one, and you can choose from a few pre made races each with their own victory conditions, traits, levels of development in different areas and ongoing relationships which makes playing one Era with each races a significantly different experience that poses different challenges. They also unveil more about the lore of the game and work as a substitute in a way for a traditional RTS campaign, except you can choose them at will without any sequential order.

Unlike the vast majority of 4X games, Dawn of Andromeda was designed with asymmetry in mind. Asymmetry basically means each race can start in a different playing field. For example, one race can start just after they discovered outer space travel, while at the same time another race already has a sprawling empire with many colonies, already knows several other players, explored a good chunk of the galaxy and is technologically more advanced.

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