Devlog #11 – The December Update


Hello everyone!

It’s been two weeks since Dawn of Andromeda has been released into Steam Early access, and it’s about time we wrote a new Devlog.
This time around, instead of talking about specific features and game mechanics like we used to, we’re going to talk about what’s coming in the upcoming December content update.

The amount of feedback we received has been tremendous and most of the complaints we received revolved around the user interface so this is our main priority.

One of the biggest additions in that front is the ability to change infrastructure points from the Planets & Colonies screen and seeing how many you have assigned, avoiding a lot of needless clicking. In addition to this, you’ll also be able to see what each colony is building and you are now able to sort lists in the Planets & Colonies and Ships screen by name, system, population, etc. The Infrastructure tab in the Colony menu also received a makeover, with the player now able to adjust Infrastructure points and see what each one does at a glance instead of clicking to get the information you need and change points. Speaking of which, this is now done by simply clicking or dragging points instead of mashing the “Invest more” button, which was something we were never happy to begin with.

Another much requested feature is to be able to switch from colony to colony without going through menus and menus. Now you can do that both from the Colony menu and from the main screen.

There is are some more UI improvements waiting for you, and we plan on adding more in the upcoming patches and major updates as we get more feedback on all these changes.

Another new feature is what we call “The Codex”. It’s a new menu where you can read about the lore of each race and how specific game mechanics work. How the tutorials work have also been tweaked to show only info on the current topic, and we added some new ones and changed others who weren’t clear enough.

The last major additions to the December update are Promises and the new Truce pact option. The former is a new proposal type that allows you to make promises that you may or may not keep with other factions such as not colonizing on your system, declaring war on a certain faction and keeping it for X weeks for example. These are added to your Emperor Log, and can be broken. However, doing so will mean heavy penalties on relations with every other faction and means they will be very unlikely to propose or accept promises in proposal deals. The new Truce option means Peace will be signed for a certain time, after which war is restarted. This can serve many purposes, including stopping a certain war while another is raging, or even use the opportunity to improve relations and strike a peace deal.

Lastly there is also a bunch of new content, in the form of new exploitable items, new technologies and cool new things we are working on as we speak.

This isn’t all there is for the December update however. There are some rather big changes on a few areas and a lot of balancing and bug fixing, as well as some new stuff we are working on but won’t go into right now because we are not sure yet if they will make it to this update, but I think this gives you a clearer idea of what to expect in the coming week.

Have a great day, and talk to you all soon!

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